Chainsaw Games is a small indie game development studio, made up of three skilled developers. ZKILLER was our first project and we have learnt a lot since. Through our many mistakes, we decided to start with a fresh mindset. For the last 2+ years, our only focus is Assault Sector, our dream-in-progress. Made with Unreal Engine 4 in pure C++, we want our players to have the very best experience possible. We’re strong believers in the notion that quality and humility will speak for itself. We can’t wait to show you. Stay tuned and follow our socials.


Amin Rafizadeh

Founder of Chainsaw Games Studio

A passionate developer who able to perform almost all aspects of game development and production including 2D&3D modeling, level design, character sculpture, texturing, animation and advertisement (including promo image and videos).
Amin is experienced in both Unity3D and Unreal Engine 4 game engines.

3D Level & Environment Design 0
1st & 3rd Person Animation 0
Video Editing 0
3D Modeling 0
Unreal Engine 0
Unity3D 0

Arash Rafizadeh

Head of Programming at Chainsaw Games

A talented computer programmer who can perform almost all aspects of programming including game, application, network and AI. Arash is a highly experienced programmer, skilled in C# and C++. He is an expert in Unreal Engine 4, CryEngine and Unity3D game engines.

Machine Programming 0
Application Programming 0
C++ Programming 0
C# Programming 0
Unreal Engine 0
Unity3D 0
MSC Visual Studio 0
3Ds Max & Maya 0

Waqar Raja

Project Lead at Chainsaw Games

An experienced FPS player with a long history in all sorts of Competitive games and a hobbyist level designer. Waqar decided to start his game dev journey with his own passion project FPS where he learnt the ins and outs of indie game development. His main skills are in weapon mechanic design for FPS games, he has previously worked with bigger studios. He started with HSL's Blacklight Retribution where he helped re-design weapon balance. He has also worked with VG's Survarium, where a first draft for single tier weapon balancing was implemented into the full game, reducing unbalanced weapons, making gameplay fairer for all players.

Gameplay Balance 0
Project Leading 0
Community Relations 0
Business Relations 0
Unreal Engine 0
UDK (UE3) 0
Source/Hammer 0
Unity3D 0

Chainsaw Games is a UK-based, indie game dev studio which is focused on a humble approach to developing fun games. Start small, take feedback & learn, polish and iterate.

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