Chainsaw Games is a small indie game development studio, made up of three skilled developers. ZKILLER was our first project and we have learnt a lot since. Through our many mistakes, we decided to start with a fresh mindset. For the last 2+ years, our only focus is Assault Sector, our dream-in-progress. Made with Unreal Engine 4 in pure C++, we want our players to have the very best experience possible. We’re strong believers in the notion that quality and humility will speak for itself. We can’t wait to show you. Stay tuned and follow our socials.

Assault Sector is a culmination of years of experience from what we consider the golden age of FPS games. Where skill was the most important factor. Modern games have been slowed down by artificial mechanics which punishes players for mastering a game. We stand in clear defiance.
Assault Sector is an unforgiving, brutal, fast-paced FPS experience made in UE4 and written purely in C++ - well optimised for most hardware setups. We’ve even designed custom netcode to run on dedicated servers at high tickrates. Choose from large-scale warfare to more intricate 5v5 modes in beautifully designed environments. Assault Sector is everything we’ve wanted in an FPS game. Our dream is now a reality for you to play.

The very best PMCs in the world, enhanced by cybernetic augmentations by their Corporations are placed in Assault Sectors, theaters of war where normal PMCs aren’t enough. Pulverizers rely on overwhelming force by way of powerful ammunition enhancements and stims to increase speed. Ringmasters are specialised marksmen, who prefer recoil control and accuracy over force.

Assault Sector’s maps are fully decorated with a massive number of modern and sci-fi elements. There are various types of maps throughout the Assault Sector, spanning across multiple settings and environments around the modern/near-future world. In this game, maps and modes involve both large-scale warfare, as well as smaller infantry-only scenarios.

Animation can make or break a game. It dictates the flow and pace of the entire game. How characters move, interact and shoot is of paramount importance in designing an immersive experience. We take inspiration from many AAA shooters, because emulating success is never a bad thing. Our players deserve the very best quality.

KNIFE | Equip & Inspect KNIFE | ATTACK AR-15 | Equip AR-15 | Guncheck 1 AR-15 | Reload 1 AR-15 | Guncheck 1 AR-15 | Reload 2 M9 | Guncheck M9 | Reload

Assault Sector caters to all types of players. From grounded infantry combat in heated 2v2 battles or 5v5 S&D and Domination. To large scale chaos, vehicular warfare in 64v64 player scenarios, or a slower paced 100 player Battle Royales. No matter what you enjoy, we want you the player to feel at home. In-depth and meaningful weapon customisation will keep you hooked. Regular updates, free DLC and no pay-to-win.
Assault Sector will be pro-consumer.


Do you want to test yourself completely solo? Also known as Deathmatch, everyone is your enemy. The first player to reach the score limit wins and is crowned winner, with a top 3 placement counting as a win. No excuses here, you're responsible for your own win.

Match Time: 10 Minutes
Score Limit: 30 Kills
Player Count: 8 Players
Winners: Top 3 players win


2 versus 2. Completely balanced and identical loadouts, only the better duo will survive. Can you become aim kings?

Match Time: 45 Seconds
Score Limit: 5 Rounds
Player Count: 4 Players
Party Size: 2


Two teams with one objective. Whichever team reaches the score limit first wins. Crush your enemy and get called campers, it's inevitable.

Match Time: 10 Minutes
Score Limit: 60 Kills
Player Count: 64 Players (32V32)
Party Size: 1 - 5


A staple amongst many FPS games, this timeless classic returns. Capture the enemy flag and return it to your base. But be careful, the enemy is trying to do the same.

Match Time: 20 Minutes
Score Limit: 5 Rounds
Party Size: 1 - 5


A classic game mode that revolves around two teams capturing three points of interest. The central location being the most hotly contested. Will you flank, or will you fight the enemy team head on? Who will dominate the opposition?

Match Time: No Time Limit
Score Limit: 150 Points
Party Size: 1 - 5


Often called Battle Royale and quite slow. We want to try something unique and fresh. Rather than wait for minutes to get the best gear, and 10 seconds of downtime per fight - each kill will quickly restore your health. Wiping an enemy squad revives your squad. The last squad standing wins. True chaos, re-imagined.

Match Time: Based on closing zones
Match Size: 100 Players


Assault Sector will feature an adaptive, dynamic music system. Weapons, characters and the environment will feel visceral and impactful. Sound spatialization is a big focus for us in Assault Sector, which describes characteristics of in-game sound generation that allow players to easily identify the distance, orientation and source of an in-game sound. Sound is the most crucial thing in an FPS game next to good visibility.


    Chainsaw Games is a UK-based, indie game dev studio which is focused on a humble approach to developing fun games. Start small, take feedback & learn, polish and iterate.

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