Chainsaw Games is a small indie game development studio, made up of three skilled developers. ZKILLER was our first project and we have learnt a lot since. Through our many mistakes, we decided to start with a fresh mindset. For the last 2+ years, our only focus is Assault Sector, our dream-in-progress. Made with Unreal Engine 4 in pure C++, we want our players to have the very best experience possible. We’re strong believers in the notion that quality and humility will speak for itself. We can’t wait to show you. Stay tuned and follow our socials.

Dev Process #4 | Core Sector Sci-Fi Level Design Demo Reel

Game Development Process #4

This is a demo reel of Core Sector which is designed and made for our upcoming game, Assault Sector. Assault Sector is a fast-paced multiplayer FPS game set in a Futuristic Environment. The game is powered by UE4 and C++ programming.
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